Press conferences and media screenings schedule

- Media screenings are held at Valli Cinema, Giardini 1
- Press conferences are held at Festival Island located at Giardini Square (in front of Valli Cinema) except for the press conferences on 18th and 25th July which will be held at the Italian Community - Circolo, Carrarina 1.  
*In case of rain, press conferences will be held at Valli Cinema. 

Saturday, 18.7. 
09:00 media screening "Ungiven" (83') by Branko Schmidt
11:00 press conference "Pula Film Festival Management" 
11:30 press conference "Ungiven" 

Sunday, 19.7.
08:30 media screening "Love or Death" (95') by Daniel Kušan
10:15 press conference "Love or Death" 
10:45 media screening "The Enchanting Porkers" (95') by Ivan Livaković
12:30 press conference "The Enchanting Porkers" 
13:00 media screening "Trash" (114') by Stephen Daldry

Monday, 20.7.
08:30 media screening "These are the Rules" (77') by Ognjen Sviličić
10:00 press conference "These are the Rules"  
10:30 Brochure presentation "Authors' Rights in the Audiovisual Sector and Their Enforcement" by the DHFR
10:30 media screening "Girls - Life of Another" (83') by Andrea Štaka
11:30 Istrian Film Commission - presentation by the Istrian Cultural Agency (IKA)
12:30 media screening "Next to Me" (95') by Stevan Filipović
14:15 press conference "Next to Me" 

Tuesday, 21.7.
08:30 media screening "You Carry Me" (155') by Ivona Juka
11:15 press conference "You Carry Me" 
12:00 media screening "Naked Island" (75') by Tiha K. Gudac
13:30 press conference "Naked Island" 

Wednesday, 22.7.
09:00 media screening "Zagreb Stories Vol. 3" (100') by group of authors
11:00 press conference "Zagreb Stories Vol. 3" 
11:30 media screening "Consumed" (93') by Borut Šeparović
13:15 press conference "Consumed"  

Thursday, 23.7.
08:30 media screening "We Will Be the World Champions" (125') by Darko Bajić
10:45 press conference "We Will Be the World Champions" 
11:30 media screening "The Spirits Diary" (81') by Damir Čučić
13:00 press conference "The Spirits Diary"
13:30 media screening "Children of Transition" (82') by Matija Vukšić
15:00 press conference "Children of Transition" 

Friday, 24.7.
09:00 media screening "The High Sun" (123') by Dalibor Matanić
11:15 press conference "The High Sun" 
11:45 media screening "No One's Child" (97') by Vuk Ršumović
13:30 press conference "No One's Child" 
14:00 "Act in front of the camera" - Zvonimir Rumboldt's book presentation

Saturday, 25.7. 
12:00 press conference on Arena Award winners at Circolo. 



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