Pula PROfessional

The Pula PROfessional Industry section is aimed at film professionals and audiovisual art students. This year's programme will focus on production design. The author of the concept is award-winning Croatian art director and production designer Tanja Lacko.

Production design and the creation of new worlds, anthropology of imaginary spaces, directing space, Croatia as a “fantastic” destination, secrets of visual perception, production aspect of production design, visual effects and virtual reality – these are some of the topics covered by this year’s programme. The participants will be able to expand their knowledge through a series of interesting masterclasses by well-known European and Croatian production designers and film professionals, such as David Munns, Heizo Schulze, Uli Hanisch, Damir Gabelica, Tomislav Vujnović, Tanja Lacko and Hrvoje Hribar. The broader cinematic context of the topic will be explained by Charles McDonald, Nik Powell, Marko Rojnić and Mike Downey.

The programme will open with a production design exhibition entitled World Builders.

Apart from masterclasses, round tables, project presentations and the Young Cinephiles’ Film Criticism, this year the Pula Pro has formed a partnership with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and a number of universities, faculties and academies from Croatia and the region, thus enabling students to follow all the professional programmes. A platform of new partnerships with students in the region has been created so that they can exchange knowledge and experiences and have prominent film professionals reveal them “the secrets of the trade”.



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