Short Pula films

By April 17, 2015. for 62nd Short Pula we received:

47 Croatian short feature films and 2 short Croatian minority production.

Selected films:

Granddaughter, Tomislav Šestan
No Wolf Has a House, Hana Jušić
An Awful Pair of Shoes and a Funeral, Luka Čurčić
Breakfast, Salvatore Li Causi
Life Is Fair, Arsen Oremović
Indoor Hunting, Kristina Vuković
It's No Big Deal, Gea Gojak
The Rainfall, Marko Dugonjić
Minutes, Ivan Stanić
Sunday Night Special, Neven Dužanec
Escape Ivana Marinić Kragić
The Return, Filip Heraković
Polenta, Ivan Veljača
A Room With a Slanting View, Davor Žmegač
Hands, Jasna Nanut
A Very Brief Excursion, Igor Bezinović


Drama, Croatia, 2014, 7 min 20 sec

Director: Tomislav Šestan
Producers: Dario Juričan - Blank filmski inkubator
Screenplay: Tomislav Šestan
Lead actress: Sanja Milardović
Lead actors: Pero Juričić
Supporting actors: Asim Ugljen
DOP: Marko Jerbić;
Editor: Luka Tokić;
Art director: /;
Costumes: /;
Music: /;
Sound: /;
Make-up: /;
Special effects: /

Granddaughter and her boyfriend are taking her Grandpa to Zagreb. Since grandpa does not hear well they think he does not know what are they doing on the front seats.


No Wolf Has a House
Drama, Croatia, 2015, 24 min 10 sec

Director: Hana Jušić
Producers: Tina Tišljar, Tena Gojić – ADU
Co-production: HRT
Screenplay: Hana Jušić
Lead actress: Sanja Drakulić
Lead actor: Tibor Knežević
Supporting actresses: Marina Redžepović, Blanka Bart-Hajoš
Supporting actors: Damir Poljičak, Mijo Pavelko
DOP: Jana Plećaš;
Editor: Jan Klemsche;
Art director: Jana Plećaš;
Costumes: Katarina Pilić;
Music: /;
Sound: Martin Semenčić, Borna Buljević;
Make-up: /;
Special effects: /

Sandra is an overly sensitive young woman who, when under pressure, has trouble with deciphering the line between reality and her twisted fantasies. During her husband's birthday party, she has to spend a day with his family. Their barely concealed hostility is making her gradually lose her mind.


An Awful Pair of Shoes and a Funeral
Drama, Croatia, 2015, 14 min 51 sec

Director: Luka Čurčić
Producers: Matija Drniković - ADU
Screenplay: Luka Čurčić
Lead actress: /
Lead actor: Filip Lozić
Supporting actors: Dado Ćosić, Slaven Španović
DOP: Bojan Mrđenović
Editor: Tomislav Stojanović
Art director: Denis Rubinić
Costumes: Aleksandra Koluder
Music: /;
Sound: Iva Ivan;
Make-up: Zdenka Mihelj;
Special effects: /

Returning from a funeral, Dena and Kuzma wander the streets. By accident they arrive in front of the building where they used to hang out with their departed friend who comitted suicide.


Drama, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, 2014, 10 min

Director: Salvatore Li Causi
Producers: Matija Radeljak - Aning Film d.o.o.
Co-productions: Plan 9, Zagreb; Old continent, Bruxelles (BEL); Salvatore Li Causi, Cagliari (IT)
Screenplay: Salvatore Li Causi
Lead actress: Myriem Akheddiou
Lead actor: Peter Connelly
DOP: Damir Kudin
Editor: Ivan Maras, Jack M. Radisson
Art director and costumes: Mathilde Deutiful
Music: /;
Sound: Sven Lončar;
Make-up: /;
Visual effects: Ivan Maras

A man wakes up very early, he needs air. A radio is waiting to connect him to his world like always, but not today. The voice of a reporter brings him and his partner to a world they fear. Syria is screaming out of its heart the need of change and both reacts their own way. A small dog is angry but patiently waits for the right moment to get satisfied. They are having breakfast together but they are far away from each other. An amazingly colourful jam is capable to reconcile them in order to go for their ordinary day. Is it true?


Life Is Fair
Drama, Croatia, 14 min 55 sec

Director: Arsen Oremović
Producers: Ivan Maloča - Interfilm
Screenplay: Arsen Oremović (prema motivima pripovijetke Ante Tomića)
Lead actress: Ana Majhenić
Lead actor: Bojan Navojec
Supporting actors: Jan Kerekeš
DOP: Vjekoslav Vrdojak
Editor: Tomislav Pavlic
Art director: Mario Ivezić
Costumes: Ivana Zozoli Vargović, Marko Šabarić
Music: Matej Meštrović, originalni song Aljoša Šerić
Sound: Gordan Antić, Pinknoiz Studio
Make-up: /;
Special effects:/

The short film Life Is Fair is a social fable from Croatian life. The protagonist Ivan Croat (his last name is by no means accidental) is on the way home from the night shift. He has just collected a salary that’s insufficient to support his family; his wife who doesn’t have a job and their three children. A chance meeting with a strawberry vendor at the market will propel him to do something that will make his family’s life harder, but will also bring back a taste of happiness that they had not felt in a long time.


Indoor hunting
Drama, Croatia, 2014, 19 min 39 sec

Director: Kristina Vuković
Producers: Lorena Vlahovski - ADU
Screenplay: Kristina Vuković
Lead actress: Klara Naka
Supporting actresses: Urša Raukar, Lea Vukmanić
DOP: Iva Korenčić Čabo
Editor: Iva Gavrilović
Art director and costumes: Martina Križanić
Music: Anton Pletikosa
Sound: Andrej Smoljan
Make-up: Maša Gospić

The movie is about the unusual mathematics instructions between schoolgirl Filipa and Sasa.


It's no big deal
Comedy/drama, Croatia, Serbia, 2015, 5 min

Director: Gea Gojak
Producers: Isa Živanović, Gea Gojak - R44
Screenplay: Gea Gojak
Lead actress: Laura Beljanski
Lead actor: /
DOP: Aleksandar Ramadanović
Editor: Aleksandar Ramadanović
Art director: Đorđe Marković
Costumes: Đorđe Marković, Gea Gojak
Music: Marjan Babić
Sound: Milan Čekić
Make-up: /
Special effects:/

The film is the story about a girl who keeps waiting for her boyfriend to meet her. She prepares surprises, dinners and birthday parties for him but he never shows up and leaves messages full of excuses. Since that is the only way we see him, we cannot read his feelings and they are left to her. Her feelings change through the course of events and time, from understanding to being offended to the decision to go on through life which is boiled down to the simple hope for his coming.


The Rainfall
Drama, Croatia, 2014, 17 min 11 sec

Director: Marko Dugonjić
Producers: Mija Matasović, Marko Dugonjić - ADU
Screenplay: Marko Dugonjić
Lead actress: Lana Dugonjić
Supporting actress: Mia Dugonjić, Dunja Šikić
Supporting actors: Domagoj Šikić
DOP: Ema Giunio;
Editor: Tomislav Stojanović
Art director: /;
Costumes: /;
Music: Magda Mas
Sound: Tomislav Stojanović
Make-up: /;
Special effects:/

The place in which little Lana used to live with her family has been affected by a natural disaster. While her mother takes her grandmother to hospital, Lana is supposed to watch over her younger sister. However, despite her parents’ warnings, curiosity leads her and her friends back to see their ruined homes.


Drama, Croatia, 2015, 6 min 55 sec

Director: Ivan Stanić
Producers: Nina Vrdoljak - ADU
Screenplay: Ivan Stanić
Lead actress: Jelena Mesar
Lead actor: Frano Mašković
DOP: Mihael Kovač
Editor: Nina Ugrinović
Art director: /;
Costumes: /;
Music: /;
Sound: /;
Make-up: /;
Special effects: /

In the bathroom Marina is doing a pregnancy test . At one point Josip enters. They have five minutes until the test show the result.


Sunday Night Special
Comedy/drama, Croatia, 2014, 9 min 50 sec

Director: Neven Dužanec
Producers: Matija Drniković, Uroš Živanović, Vera Robić-Škarica - HFS
Screenplay: Neven Dužanec
Lead actress: Romina Vitasović
Lead actor: Stjepan Perić
DOP: Matija Pekić;
Editor: Tihomir Vrbanec
Art director: Ana Ogrizović
Costumes: Dora Novak
Music: /;
Sound: Josip Šuker
Make-up: Marija Helena Vrdoljak, Iva Gašparac
Visual effects: Urša Vlahušić

Marina and Tommy are having a perfectly ordinary Sunday evening. She’s baking cakes and he’s watching a TV music show. She complains about the TV being too loud because “the baby’s just fallen asleep”. But he is the one with the remote control – and he has a good reason for turning the volume up.


Sci-fi, Croatia, 2015, 5 min 30 sec

Director: Ivana Marinić Kragić
Producers: Ivana Marinić Kragić - Filmska udruga Motion
Screenplay: Ivana Marinić Kragić
Lead actress: Dinka Vuković
Supporting actors: Domagoj Janković, Robert Budak
DOP: Dragan Šiša;
Editor: Monika Drahotuski
Art director: /;
Costumes: Andrea Kuštović
Music: Viktor Grabar, Dino Osmanagić
Sound: Viktor Grabar
Make-up: Bianka Žugelj
Visual effects: Ratimir Rakulji

Escape is adaptation of the comic book written by internationally known comics artist Igor Kordey. Escape is one of the eight short stories from his comic book collection The Stars (Zvijezde). The film follows a girl named Dubravka, who to escape from the reality, is spending her days shut in her room reading science fiction books, dreaming about aliens and some better world. One evening, while reading one of her books she recognizes herself in the main character, and messages which she reads from the book understands as a call to finally encounter with aliens.


The Return
Drama, Croatia, 2014, 13 min 9 sec

Director: Filip Heraković
Producers: Matija Drniković - ADU
Screenplay: Filip Heraković
Lead actress: Nadežda Perišić Radović
Lead actor: Matija Čigir
Supporting actress: Katarina Strahinić
Supporting actors: Ivan Ožegović, Paško Vukasović
DOP: Martin Šatović
Editor: Karla Folnović
Screenplay: Ana Rajić
Costumes: Slađana Buljan
Music: /;
Sound: Tihomir Vrbanec
Make-up: /;
Special effects:/

Bojan moves back in with his mother and meets up with his old friends once more. It seems like everything is the same as before; except for him...


Drama, Croatia, 2014, 11 min 10 sec

Director: Ivan Veljača
Producers: Ankica Jurić Tilić i Hrvoje Pervan - Kinorama
Screenplay: Ivan Veljača
Lead actress: /
Lead actor: Mate Gulin
DOP: Mirko Pivčević 
Edit: Tomislav Pavlic;
Art director: Ivan Veljača
Costumes: Ana Savić Gecan
Music: /;
Sound: Dubravka Premar
Make-up: /
Special effects:/

The Adriatic Sea, a small town, a fishing boat. A middle-aged man is returning from fishing in one of those boats. His daily routine includes going fishing, a meal, some rest... and a cat which waits for him every day in a desolate house of a loner. One day, his routine is interrupted by an event which makes the day different, or at least different from his perspective.


A Room With a Slanting View
Drama, Croatia, 2014, 17 min

Director: Davor Žmegač
Producers: Ivan Maloča - Interfilm
Screenplay: Davor Žmegač
Lead actress: /
Lead actor: Jasmin Telalović
Supporting actors: Domagoj Janković, Matija Čigir, Pavle Vrkljan, Jan Vrbić, Paško Vukasović
DOP: Branko Linta;
Editor: Ivana Fumić
Art director: Ines Nezirović
Costumes: Marko Šabarić
Music: Jura Ferina, Pavle Miholjević
Sound: /;
Maka-up: Tajna Tomšić
Special effects: /

AGIM (35) delivers a pizza to a family house in the sububrbs. It was ordered by a group of young men who are watching their football team losing a match on the TV. A misunderstanding arises and Agim is forced to spend some time locked in a room with the brother of one of the young men, JAN (14), boy with Down syndrome. Their encounter will challenge prejudices of some protagonists of this story.


Drama, Croatisa, 2014, 30 min

Director: Jasna Nanut
Producers: Tibor Keser - ADU
Screenplay: Jasna Nanut
Lead actress: /
Lead actor: Dado Ćosić
Supporting actors: Goran Bogdan, Vedran Živolić, Damir Šaban, Zvonimir Jurić
DOP: Tomislav Sutlar
Editor: Tomislav Stojanović
Art director: Denis Rubinić
Costumes: Aleksandra Koluder
Music: Diyala, Goran Bare, EKV, David Rončević, Branko Brkić Brka
Sound: Tihomir Vrbanec
Make-up: Zdenka Mihelj
Special effects: /

After a short and intense relationship, Michel is left alone. Heartbroken and lost, he starts searching for love again, in all the wrong places...


A Very Brief Excursion
Art film, Croatia, Italy, 2014, 15 min 25 sec

Director: Igor Bezinović
Producers: Igor Bezinović (samostalna produkcija) i MonFilmFest
Screenplay: Igor Bezinović, Ante Zlatko Stolica, prema motivima romana ''Kratki izlet'' Antuna Šoljana
Lead actress: /
Lead actor: Mladen Vujčić i Ante Zlatko Stolica
DOP: Danko Vučinović
Editor: Hrvoslava Brkušić
Art director: /;
Costumes: /;
Music: /;
Sound: Hrvoje Nikšić
Make-up: /;
Special effects: /

Although Roko seemed as if he knew where he was going, it became clear we were lost. Still, I thought it better to keep going. I remembered that song by America: We Had No Real Summer Last Year.



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